Hi, I'm Austin LaCroix

Self portrait

A born and raised native of Southern California, I have always been surrounded and influenced by art in its various forms.

My early teens were consumed by dabbling in all areas of creativity: I wrote poetry and fiction, I played music (and remain a drummer and keyboard player of 7 years) and I was given my first 8mm Sony Camcorder and a little Fujifilm digital camera.

I became fascinated by the magic of communicating through both motion and still photography and collective interest in creative expression refined my perspective on art, fueling the inspiration for my current work. 

In 2010 I performed in my first stage production and found another outlet in the local acting community. Since then I have performed in over a dozen shows including The Outsiders and Les Miserables and have played roles such as Romeo, Sherlock Holmes and the Wizard of Oz.

My photography has seen it's greatest development over the past two years, going from an advanced hobby to an active part of my life as I found increasingly enamored with the genre of portrait and fashion photography.

My go to set up is the Canon 7D with an 85mm 1.8 lens (90% of my portrait and fashion work is shot with this combo). As a highly advanced Photoshop user, I retouch my images to help define the atmosphere and style and make my subjects truly shine.

When I'm not shooting or performing, my time is spent singing in the car, attempting to exercise regularly, and keeping up with the workload of being a full-time college student.

I look forward to working and collaborating with new people, so feel free to contact me here and let's create something cool together. Cheers.

But first let me take a selfie